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chapter 1

Chapter 1
A yong boy named Brian Robeson. He is thirdteen years old. He wase looking outside and while that the engine was to loud to start converstion. then his pilot Jim or Jake told him to get in the copilots seat. When he got up and in the copilots seat he did not know what to do. They were 6,000 feet in the air. The direcetion they are going is north west. Then he started to talk about why he was on the plane. Well his parents got divorced and he is going to his fathers. Then he talked about "a breaking word, an ugly breaking word." That word is divorce. Then the pilot asked him meaning Brian "Ever fly in the copilot's seat before?" He said no, well he shook his head. The pilot said 'come on i will show you'. Brian reached out and took the wheel. He steped on the pedle. The plane swerved to the right.' Not so hard,' the pilot said. The real pilot let go of the wheel. Brian was accually flying the plane by himself! The pilot teaches him how to turn the plane. The pilot sid that his aches and pains are getting old. Brian let the pilot do the rest of the flying. Brian thought of the "secret'. Brian didn't really understand the whole thing. Brian thinks of the good times he had of his father. There was a smell. Brian looked at the pilot. He was rubbing his sholder and down his arm. He let out more smell. Brians mother gave him a hachet as a present. More smell now. Horrible smell. '' I've never had anything like this..." The pilot reached for the swich and mike chord. He said a few words and a jolt took him like a hammerblow. He seemed to crush back in the chair. Brian could not understand what was going on. Then he knew. The pilot was having a heart attack. The plane turned to the side. A few seconds ago the piolet was talking but then the jolts had come. Brian was alone. It was a strange feeling. the feeling of being alone.

Chapter 2
For a little time he did not understand Brian that brian counld not do anything to help. Brian hoped that he was a sleep. His brain started to think and then he figured out that he can't do anything about the pilot. He was dead after having a heart attack. He felt like his hands and arms are mdew out of lead. He was thinking that he can do C.P.R. But then he did not know if that would work. He thought that the pilot still had a heart beat. Then he checked the pilots stomach to see that he was breathing. The pilot was not breathing, he was dead. Then he tried to steer the plane. He was looking around the plane. He spotted tiny letters on a pannel. TRANSMITTER 221. He spoke into the microphone. Brian grabbed the radio but the headset and the microphone was still on the pilot. He had to get help. He tried to get the headset off the pilot without moving the plane and not touching the pilot. Getting off the headset was easy but he could not get of the microphone. While trying to get the microphone off. Brian's elbow hit the wheel. Brian pulled it back to hard and the plane was swooping

Chapter 2
Brian is in the plane pannaking needing to surrvive. Brian is alone and needs help. brian is trying toi contackt someone but he doesn't know how to work these headphones. Brian looks back and sees the pilot having a heartattack