Hatchet Readers (: Fraaances, Mandy, & Shayla.) (The color will change depending on the person who did it.) ( Red is Mandy, Pink is Shayla, and Blue is Frances)

Chapter 1

(Made by Shayla)

In chapter 1 Brian ( main character) has been sent on a plane to somewhere his dads because his parents got a divorce.Brian is at a very sad stage in his life right now because his parents just split up. While Brian is on the plane he thinks of why their getting a divorce. His parents dont know that Brian knows the reason why their getting one. It's because his mom cheated on his dad with another guy. While brian is thinking of this the pilot tries to talk to him but he acts like he didn't hear him. Brian just stares out the window and looks at the evergreen grass. The plane that he's on in a two person plane like the one that single pilot would fly.i poop
Chapter 2

Frances made.

This reminded me of the forest where Brian is alone.

Chapter 3 (Made by Mandy)

Brian thought he was going to die since the plane was going down. Until he saw a L-shape lake with round corners the plane was aiming at the long part of the L. Brian pushed the right pedal gently, and the plane was slowly. Brian looked at the window and saw a moose. The plane crash into the woods many parts of the plane were getting broken.Soon the plane crash in to the L-shape and Brian got out of the plane. When Brian got on land he saw nothing and then fall asleep.

This reminded me of the lake where Brian is.

Chapter 4 (made by fraances)

In chapter four Brian goes down. By himself and crashes. While crashing he thinks about The Secret. Brian was almost sure that he was going to die. But he didnt. Brian broke his legs and it felt like his head was being hit by a hammer it hurt a lot. He was just thankful that he was alive and not dead. He was happy that he had survived the awful crash. Brian felt tired so he found a tree to rest on and fell asleep again

Chapter 5

In this chapter brian is DYING of thirst. Also, his brian is finaly starting to work agian. He relizes stuff like "Where am I ?" or "My mom and dad will go frantic looking for me." You can tell Brian is hungry to because he gose when i get home im going to have a large juciy burger wioth lettuce and tomatoes ond a thick large chocolate shake. I Think that this book gets better and better each time.

Chapter 6

Two years ago Brian and his friend Terry were at a park where they play around in the wood. What had was a gun, a knife, matches, and fishing gear. Brian found a place to stay which is the stone ridge. Brian remeber the last Thanksgiving last year then, his father depart in the following January. Brian thought of a show he was watching which deals with air force pilots. The pilots were in a middle of a desret in Arizona and the had to find food and water a week. When Brian remeber it he thought berry bushes in the Canadian wilderness. Brian found a berry bush since the birds led him

Chapter 7

In the chapter 7 brian had woken up very hungry. He thought about the cherries or as brian called them "gut cherries". The gut cheerries had made him sick so he didnt think of eating anymore of those. Brian went outside of his lean-to and looked for food. Soon he had found berries and started picking them, they tasted so good to him he couldnt stop eating them. They were very sweet. Then, a huge black bear appeared. Brian was very terrified, he thought the bear would harm him. But the bear only wanted to get some berries just like brian was doing. In the night brian thought about the bear and how he didnt attack him.
This is a real life black bear.

Chapter 8

Brian woke up in the middle of the night. He heard slithering brushing sound near his feet. Brian threw the hatchet at the sound but, the hacthet miss. Brian saw the at-

tacker slithering and scraping away from his shelter. Brian found out who was the attacker and, the attacker was a porcupine had slapped him with its tail. Brian pthat -

ull all the quills before going to sleepin his dream he saw Terry and his father but, Terry point at the fire. When Brian woke up he

found out the hatchet was the answer of making fire.

Thisis a porcupine if you don't know

Chapter 9

In this chapter Brian learns to make fire. He took his hatchet and sparked a few rocks.But once he got that fire going he didn't let it stop. When he went to sleep he put ashes on it so in the morning all he had to do was blow on it.at the end of the chapter Brian get the idea of asmoke signalto let people know that hes there.

Chapter 10

This is a photo of a snapping turtle.

Chapter 11

Brian transferrd all the turtle eggs to shelter and, reburying them by his sleeping area. Brian cleaned up the camp area and, hang his windbeaker in the sun. Brian was depressed since no one found him yet. Ever since Brian was in the wilderness he could know the sound before he quite realized it and see things. Brian thought of doing a signal fire to show the ones who are looking himthat he there. Brian realized that when he hear a plane engine. He would run up with a burning limb to set up the signal fire. Brian soon notice that there is little fish in the the lake so he thought that he could make a fishing spear to catch the fish in the lake.

chapter 13

Chapter 14

The chapter started off with the word "Mistakes. Small mistakes could turn into disasters". When Brian woke up in the middle of the night he sees a skunk. The skunk was digging in the same spot where Brian buried the eggs. Some reason the skunk was unafraid of the fire. Brian found out that the left over egg shells secent. So Brian threw sand on the skunk but, the skunk spay him and the skunk ate all the eggs. The next day he went fishing and in under a hour he got 30 or 40 small fish.
This skunk looks like its digging something in the grass.

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 19

Brian finally finds the survival kit. Inside of it was a sleeping bag, an aluminum cookset with four little pots, two frying pans, a fork, knife and spoon, a waterproof container with matches and two small butane lighters, a sheath knife with a compass in the handle, a first aid kit with bandages, and tubes with antiseptic paste, and small scissors. A cap that said cessna on it, a fishing kit with four coils of line, a dozen small lures, and hooks and sinkers. Also had a survival rifle and emergency transmitter. He speaks into the emergency transmitter and hears nothing. So he begins to eat the food in the survival kit. Then a plane comes down and a man finds out who brian is. Searchers had stopped looking for him about two months ago.