Chapter 9 summaryIn that chapter Brian is trying to make a fire. He has no problem geting the sparks. But a hard time keeping it from dying off. What he uses to make the fire is twigs and dead grass but it didnt work.so then he went looking around and found a kind of powder.it didnt work. he went out to look for dffrent kind of finer objects to nest the sparks. He found dry wood that could take in the sparks and it worked.so thtat gave Brian he first fire.
Chapter 10 summary. He kept trying ov and over again. Brian discovered that he needed to put the spear in the water to kill the fish. The water bent the spear and then he could aim right. After a few attempts he killed a fish. He had meat and was eager too cook his prize and finnaly get some good food in him.Chapter 14 summaryBrian tried to protect his eggs from a skunk. When he got close the skunk sprayed him in the face. He was blinded for a few hours and smelled bad. The next day Brian decided to improve his shelter. He weaved a door using leaves and branches. He made a ladder to reach a food shelf 10 feet up. This whole project took him about 3 days. skunk.jpgChapter 15 summaryThe chapter starts off with Brian describing on how he had been out in the wild for so long, he started counting days through pack.3339first_aid_kit.jpgFinal Chapter and EpilougeThe survival pack held many helpful tools. While searching, Brian finds something that he think might be a radio, but after turning it on, he sees that it is some kind of transmitter. He starts to cook up some food. He then notices that htere is a plane up above. The plane was heading stright at the campsite. When the man lands, he is amazed to see that this boy is still alive. The epilouge went telling about what happened after the story. He had survived 54 days in the wild. In the end, Brian still never told anything about the secret of the divorce.The End