Wordle: Milkweed

Chapter 1

I am running.

There is a boy that is running. His name is stoptheif. He has no family and needs food so he takes babka from a lady and runs. He never knows who is chasing him and all he hears is stopthief.

Chapter 2

He was being dragged by a man much bigger then him with bigger feet and he runs much faster than him,he also had red hair. He heard sirens and loud thumping sounds. Where he was stopped being dragged was in a black hole. The boy split the bread in half and told him that he was lucky. Than he told stoptheif what the loud booms were. They were Jackboot Artillery


In this chapter stopstief meets a boy named Uri who trys to help him and gives him a place to stay. When uri introduces stopthief to his friends, Uri's friends are very mean to him. They call him names like stupid and dumb. They call him these names because stoptheif does not know anything about his past. They also are very mean to him because he is gypsie and not a jew like them.

Chapter 4

In this chapter stoptheif and Uri go to different tipe of places. He got his first bath and his first haircut. Uri also saw his friend Kuba geting chased because he was a theif. Kuba then got triped and they caught him. Uri thought he was stupid for doing that. Stoptheif knew that he could not get cought like that. There was people that did not like Uri and this one woman closed a window on his hands. then there was screaming but when uri got his hands loose he drove a train through a reasturant. stoptheif learned alot in this chapter and knows alot now.


Stoptheif see's airplanes and wants to see them upclose but he doesnt realize that they are dropping bombs, but Uri stops him.

Stoptheif also wants to be a Jackboot someday. he doesnt realize that they are bad people . Jackboots are harsh and mean and just want to hurt the Jews. Stoptheif stops aznd talks to one of them, the Jackboot says to him"Tiny Little Jew". Stoptheif explains that he not a Jew he is a Gypsie and also wants to know if he is happy to see him. The Jackboot replies"Ah, so, a Gypsy. Good! Very good"

Chapter 6

In chapter 6 Stopthief thinks that he wants to be a jackboot. Uri does not like that idea and thinks that he will be stupid for doing that. Stopthief still wanted to be a jackboot because they were nice to him and solute him. Uri does not want stopthief to be a jackboot because everyone around stopthief hate jackboots. Stopthief still does not believe him and says that people love it when tanks come in. Stopthief also knows now that he does not have a name and does not remember his family.

Chapter 7

In chapter 7 stopthief and Uri had good times. Their icebox was filled a galore of foods and candy. Uri even had a pickle run. That was when stopthief and uri would go and look for pickles. Sometimes uri would tell stoptheif to stay put, but he dosen’t. He tried to go to the grand boulevard and see the parade, but it wasn’t there. Stopthief finally meets a jackboot and thinks the man is right about what he said. Stopthief tried to steal cream puffs from a lady and when he did the jackboot chased him. When he ran around the corner he ran into a boy he new. The bad part was he dropped the cream puffs. Stoptheif ended up in a garden with tomatoes. There was two plump red tomatoes and several green ones. When he took a bite out of it he oticed a little girl name janina. When he was done eating the tomato the girl was still watching him. The first day light came out Uri told stoptheif what his name was (Misha Pilsudski) and his back story and how he got to poland.

Chapter 8
In this chapter Misha ruins a lot of things. He meets Janina and tells her about his life and what he got before he was kidnapped. Misha then became good friends with Janina. Misha then got invited to go to Janinas birthday. When he got there he was late but Janina didn’t start the party. Once he got there they were going to light the cake. Misha thought that they were going ruin the cake so he ran up took the cake and ran away with it. Misha then took the cake and ate it not thinking of Janina.

Chapter 10
In this chapter Misha is still good friends with Janina. He steals two loaves a day so he can leave one for him and Uri and the other for Janina and her family. Misha finally realizes that the bread doesn’t go to Janina and her family. He sees a boy steal the bread off the steep that he leaves for Janina and her family. Misha winds up chasing him but runs right into his fist, which was so hard that Misha, lost a tooth. Uri becomes angry and tells him he needs to run not fight and calls him stupid repetitively. The next time Misha went out to late and got his ear loaf shot of by the Jackboots, which made Uri think that he was more stupid than ever. So Uri tied him with a rope and told him to stay like a dog so he doesn’t get injured anymore. Another thing that happened in the chapter is that is that Misha meet Dr. Korczak who he now gets coal (they call them black pearls).

Chapter 11
In chapter 11 Misha is looking at his usually stealing spot. For example, the bakeries, but today no one was coming down the streets with bread bags and the bakeries were closed and empty. Misha explains to Uri that there is no bread but Uri doesn’t care he says learn to eat pickles. Misha is getting desperate and enters a house full of rich people and steals they’re turkey or goose. Also in this chapter Misha realizes that when the bread start to go so does the trees.

Chapter 12
Misha realizes that there was no longer a gift a waiting for him when he delivered things, so he knocks on the door and sees a jackboot. Misha insists the jackboot tell him where Janina family but her doesn’t reply, instead the jackboot smacks him and snatches the coal. Also in this chapter Misha is hit by a car and it was only hard enough to knock him off his feet. Uri gets angry because Misha caused attention to himself when he was suppose stay quiet and act invisible.

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