Hatchet Chap. One

Brian Robeson is a 13 old teenager who was supposed to meet his father who was divorce to Brian's mother. Since the divorce happened they moved into diffrent homes. Brian's mother lives in New York and Brian lives with her. Also Brian's "Dad" lives in Canada and that is why Brian is going to Canada. Brian's "dad" is an engineer, so Brain's mother sent him to Canada to get a drill that his "dad" invented. Brian is now with a pilot helping a trained pilot by being to co-pilot himself, and that is why Brian is in the canadain forest with a pilot named Jake or Joe (They never said his name they just gave those two names.) ( Also brain is riding a sinlge engine plane so it is more easier to fly or control it at somewhat matter.)

Hatchet Chap. Two

Since Brian had been in the plane now for a couple of hours. He was getting used to the controls on the small plane. The pilot asked him if it was his first time, but brain did not answer. The pilot taught brian how to fly the small single engine plane and Brian gotot to the hang of it for a while. Since the pilot was not flying brian was using all of his might and strength. Brian moved left and the plane moved so quickly that the cockpit shaked a little bit roughly. The pilot told to lose his grip and move the plane nice and easy and just relax. The pilot went back to sleep, but he relased a really bad odor of farts and ended up having chest pains. The pilot went to having chest pains to a heart attack! Brian could do anything, he tried giving CPR to the pilot but, nothing worked. Brian tried finding to find the radio to talk to central command, but it was staic and then blank, it went off. the plane was going down it was at the gliding state now. brian tried to brace impact, but was still trying to land safely but landed into a lake and the water was coming up, Brian had no escape until something so lucky happened.

Hatchet Chap. Three

Brian thought he was going to die so he kept saying that in his head. The plane went in to a glide a very fast glide. Brian thought he needed a lake right in front of the plane before we crash. Brian saw a L-shaped lake so he tilted to the right to land in the lake. So he pulled the wheel slightly to land carefuly. The controls became very loosefeeling and Brian was scared thet he was not going to make it. when the plane crashed brain was in a forest with no food or shelter. Brian was trying to make a fire and all he had was a hatchet, a belt and thats it.

Hatchet Chap Four.

Brian was having the memory again and did not notice that the plane was crashing and he was daydreaming with hate coming back in his heart. He thought for a second, like if time stoped. He pictured his divorced parents, he stood there like if he froze and did not want to get out of his daydreaming. He just wanted to make things right in his life, but he was going to die until he landed on a lake which woke him up for his daydreaming. Brian couldn't save the pilot and push him out so he left the plane and saw the pilot go do into the lake slowly. Then Brian had all of these pains and felt like if he was going to die with all of his injurys and he had too many bug bites and the bites made his face swollen and he couldn't see and Walked into the woods (or the forest which ever youy choose.

Hatchet Chap. Five

Brian woke up and couldn't bearly stand up his stiffness made him stay like if he was a log. He ended up crawling to the lake and thought in his head if he was going to drink the lake water. So he dicided to drink the lake water because his mouth was so dry and tarty from the gut berries. At first he was okay, but then everything changed and he became ill and threw up on the grass next to him and then he washed his face so his cuts and scars would not bother him, but it made the cuts and scars hurt even more. he tried standing up, but he felt his legs shake really bad and he fell and yelled in agony. but the good thing was that his headache did not hurt any more and his thrist was gone. Brian was thinking that what would his parents be since he was not at his father's home. they must have began search parties he thought.

Hatchet Chap. Six

Brian had another dream about him and a man named terry. They were fishing sort of, because it explained the things you need to go fishing. Brian woke up in his shelter, fixing his broken bed and putting fresh grass on it. He went outside and wahed his face in the lake. His forhead would starting to blister and he was getting sharp pains in his head. So he went back into his shelter and rested a bit and went to drink a couple of water of the lake. His headache was coming back because of the cold water at his face.

Hatchet Chap. Seven

Brian woke up yelling "Mother!" and then woke up standing still in his shelter bed and then his remembered his past with his divorced mother and father. he fell in the sand in his shelter and kept moaning "Mother!",but it kept getting weaker every time he said it. he got close to the sand and threw up. then he remembered the kiss (the secret) he had to many gut berries. he just went outside and found something very lucky that he found, Raspberries. while he was picking them he encountered a bear on the way. he stood there in mid-silence and waited for the bear to go away, but he was getting pains and wanted to move. lucky, he got away safely and went back to his shelter. His mouth was filled with sticky raspberrie juice. and went to sleep.

Hatchet Chap. Eight

Brian woke up from a strange growl and became scared at first and then he dicided to throw his hatchet to thie creature. It made another growl and it became sllent for a while and brian thought he killed so he went back to sleep. After that he felt a sharp pain in his right foot and he moaned in agony and sobbed really hard. Brian tried to figure out what the ceature was so he moved his hand and it felt sharp and pointy and small. So it was a porcupine Brian thought, so he tried to take the sharp and pointy pricks in his leg. so far he told the first one with no pain, but the more he did the pain and the more deeper it was. Finally, he took out the last one of the pricks. brian still had so much pain fell kind of passed out and had a dream no about his mother, but he dreamed about his father then for some reason he dreamed about his divorced father's friend named terry. Then he woke up and limped all the way to the place where he threw his hatchet and saw it was chipped at the top of the steel corner. He took some raspberries and then he drank the juice from the berries. he went outside and stretched and thought about the hatchet. He knew that the hatchet was the key to a fire. so he limped back inside the shelter and a took some wood and a piece of rock and made some sparks,but it was too weak. Then he remembered that he saw huge spaks when he threw the hatchet last night so he cut oof a piece of the wqll and it was strong enough to make the fire!

Hatchet Chap. Nine

Brian was proud that he made the fire and went to get some berries. He got some dried grass and broke some twigs and put it on the fire to keep the fire going. he found a 20 dollar bill in his pockets he ripped it up and put it in the fire so it can be a more stronger fire. But it was still burn them so fast like gasoline. Brian thought about his parents and what are they doing " I wonder what my father is doing?" " I wonder what mother is doing?" " I wonder if she is with him."

Hatchet Chap. Ten

he couldn't leave the fire he thought because it was something to him and he needed that fire so if he gets meat he could cook them up and also heat up water if he made a pot shape invention.