Number the stars [=

By: Laura, Joselyn, Taylor and Brianna ;]

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This picture remind us of the Annemarie and Ellen racing to there house
This picture remind us of the Annemarie and Ellen racing to there house
Annemarie and Ellen

Chapter 1
Pages 1-10
By:Joselyn Chaves

Ellen raced her friend Annemarie. They were both ten years old. Annemarie wanted to race Ellen really badly but she was ignoring her because every time they race Annemarie always win and Ellen loses. Annemarie was begging Ellen like crazy to run down town to a corner so Ellen gave her a chance. So Ellen said "ready set.. GO!!!" So they ran down the corner until then a guy with hudge boots on and yelled at Ellen and Annemarie asking what they were doing until you hear in the background some little girl yelling "Wait for me!!" It turns out to be Annemaire little sister. she always goes where ever Annemarie goes.Then comes to other guys with a pistol and big boots too. Ellen was backing up in the background she was really pail and scared like crazy. The soldier asked Annemaire "what is your name?" Annemarie said "My name is Annemarie Johansen and my friends name is Ellen." my questions are why does Anniemaries little sister fallow her alot. Why does Annemaire want to race Ellen if Annemarie knows that she runs way faster than her. I think this book is going to have a very bad ending if Ellen doesnt servive from the Military people.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRI1n_mxOCkJF2XGj9mSB3yfh937hWdXU4siLL6lOJIIQlkoiQ the soldiers stopped Annemarie

chapter 2
Pages 11-18
By: Laura Parra.
Wordle: number the stars
Kirsti was asking Annemarie to tell a story before she went to bed. Annemarie started of simple with a King and a Queen. Also they had a daughter that wanted to have kids and a husband in the near future. Annemarie did not want to tell her a story so she stopped for a minute to see if she was asleep. Kirsti was awake and she wanted Annemarie to keep going. Kirsti continued interupting as Annemarie was telling the story, Annemarie told her to stop and to just listen. Kirsti wanted the princess to be beautiful and she wanted her to have a fairytale life. As Annemarie was telling the story her thoughts became real & she was talking about the king Christian X. The King of Denmark was suddenly in the story."Annemarie stared at the curtains & thinking of Lise her solemn, Lovely sister, Always made her sad.” Annemarie wanted her story to end with “Happily ever after.” Kirsti was sleeping beside her and she had one thumb in her mouth. Annemarie was in the dark she decided to go to sleep.


Chapter 3
by: Taylor Carbone

in this chapter Ellen and Annemarie walked another way because of the incident with the two soliders. When they got home everyday there moms were having cofffe. Kirsti lost a button on her jacket so Annemaries mom had her and kirsti go to the button shop. But when they got there it closed and threre was a sign in German. So they went back home and to mama. So there mom said wait here i waillbe back. so off mama went. that night Peter, Lise's old husband came and was talking about the Nazis. Annemarie was told to come out in the living room and say hi to him. When Annemarie saw him she gave him a big hug and said We have missed you so much. the started talikng about the Jews and how the Nazi were taking the away. Annemarie thought that it would effect her friend what they were about to say.

Chapter 4
pages: 27-38
March 3/31/11
By: Brianna Berrocal.

While Annemarie's mother was out with Kristi, Ellen and Annemarie were playing with paper dolls made from old magazines. They were playing Gone With the Wind. Suddenly the door opened to Annemarie's apartment, and there was Kirsti stompping her feet. Kristi was so mad at her mother. Her mother had bought her a pair of green shoes made from fish. Then, Ellen suggested, "In our apartment, my father has a jar of black ink. Would you like these shoes if they were black?" Kirsti thought about it and agreed. Then, Kirsti wanted to play Gone with the Wind with the girls. Annemarie had to say yes, or she knew her mother would get mad. Then, Ellen had to go help her mother with house cleaning, because Thursday is their New Year because they're Jewish. Then, Ellen invited Annemarie and her family to come to their house to eat, and celebrate their New Year.Ellen's mother put a cloth over her head and said a prayer in Hebrew. On Thursday, Ellen had to go to church with her family instead of staying in school. Then, later on, Mrs.Rosen(Ellen's mom) came and knocked on the door, she didn't come in, but Annemarie's mom came outside the apartment door to talk to her. She had a worried face, but a cheerful voice. She told Annemarie and Kirsti that Ellen was going to stay with them for a few days. The girls would sleep in Kirsti's and Annemarie's room, while Kirsti slept in her mother's room. Then, after dinner, Annemarie, her papa and Ellen talked in the living room. The nazis were capturiing all the Jewish people, so They were trying to hide Ellen, while her parents, go somewhere else to hide, that they didn't know. Ellen would act as Lise, their old daughter that had died before. Then Annemarie's father comforted Ellen by saying, "Once i had three daughters. Tonight I am proud to have three daughters again."

pge 39-49
march 4/12/11
by: Joselynn :)

"Do you think anoyone will really come?" Ellen asked nervusly, turning to Annemarie in the bedroom " your father does'nt think so." Ellen was nervous. she said that if the soldiers came Ellen said that she would practind being Lise Johanson. it was near 9 or 10 pm and they where going to sleep so they went to bed and Annmarie said they can talk and giggle but quietly so no one can hear them. later then at 4:00 AM you hear a strong knock and it was the soldiers yelling " LET US IN!" So annemaries father lets them in and asks for the Rosens and Annemaries father says that he does'nt know where the Rosens are.when annemarie hears that she wakes up ellen and says this will hurt a lot then pull the jewish necklace off of Ellen. the soliders dont believe the so they ask if they could see the house. Mama said yes but dont wake up my kids please. the two soliders look in every room then comes annemaries the soldiers tell the two friends get up now. so they went out into the living room and the soliders were asking them questions. "What is your name?" he pointed to Ellen. She had said Lise. He believed her then asked mama, "You have three kids is that correct?". Mama said yes. Then, the soliders looked at each other and then the one says how come Lise has black hair and your other two have blond. She did not know what to say, so papa took out a picture of the real Lise as a baby and it showed that she had black hair. Then, the soldiers left and mama made a call to Annemaries uncle Henrik. She said that her and the girls were going to vist tomorrow, its an emergency.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSJnpmu8gD34CEztSxEAs7-65PgzC-C66xKoQN1Yne85-GS-GmTyanking off Ellens necklace

Chapter 6
pages 50-59
April 13

After the soldiers had left they were all talking about the soldiers being sucpicous. then Ellen said she was sorry for having dark hair. but mama said you have beautiful hair. Then mama and papa said that they cant sent the three kids to school if the soliders go there. Then mama told them that they were going to see uncle Henrik. Papa didnt want to go because if he did it would be suspicous. Ellen went along with Kirsti & mrs. Rosen to uncle Henriks house. As they were going there Mrs.Rosen said that the girls were just taking a break. They went through a park that was beautiful park. The next morning at Uncle Henriks house. Ellen missed her parents. & she was also scared that the soldiers might find her parent & her . She loved her parents & didn't want them to do anything. Uncle Henrik welcomed everyone in his house. He wasn't always there because he took a look at his boat often.

chapter 7
pages 60-66
April 25

Annemarie, Ellen, Kirsti and her mom have finally made it to uncle Henrik's house. "It's beautiful," Ellen says. Ellen was right. the house was very beautiful. There was a backyard with a lot of space and a barn with uncle Henrik's cow, Blossum. Ellen and Annemarie stayed outside exploring the wonderful place, while Kirsti and her mom went inside. They could see the big sea, and across it on the other side, was Sweden! Later, they ate dinner an Ellen said, "I wish I knew where my parents were." Annemarie didn't have an answer for her, so she just patted her hands and they sat silently. Basically, the rest of their day was normal. Ellen and Annemarie slept in one room, while Kirsti was in the room accross. Their mom was talking to uncle Henrik downstairs. They had a long conservation.

Chapter 8
pages 67-74
April 25
by Taylor
Annemarie just walked in the house and kirsti was trying to get the kitten to drink water even though kittens drink milk. The kitten was trying to leave but kirsti wouldnt let it. Mama and Uncle Hanrick told Annemarie that her Great aunt Bertie had died. And that she will be laid out in this house. Mama was cleaning the house because people were coming over and the house has not been cleaned in a while. Mama was bugging Henrick about getting a wife. While that was happening Ellen and annemarie went outside and set by the one tree in the backyard. Annemarie was thinking about Aunt Bertie and how she died. But then annemarie noticed that they never had a great aunt Beartie then how did she die.

chapter 9
pages 75-
April 27
by: Bri

In this chapter, basically uncle Henrik explains to Annemarie about lying and how sometimes people have to in order to help them. Sometimes people need to lie for safety of others or themselves. Annemarie knew that her mom was lying about great Aunt Birta. She wanted to tell Ellen, but even she knew she couldn't. Eventually men brought in a casket where "Great Aunt Birta" was in. But, Annemarie knew that it was really empty. Then, a few people started entering the house. Annemarie's mom said it was friends of Great Aunt Birta.