Milkweed: Natalie, Sheila, Jonathan and Jesus

Wordle: Untitled



Chp. 1

In chapter 1, it shows how Misha was like before he met Uri. He was a thief, as always, though Uri would give him food every now and then, so he didn't have to go steal all the time. He starts out running away from something, probably someone or something dangerous. Chapter 1 is practically a memory. Misha seems to know himself as "Stopthief", since that's what everyone calls him. He convinced that that's his name, until he meets Uri and he gives him a civiled name. He meets Uri when Uri sees him scammering across town. He saves him from being hurt anymore.

Chp. 2

In chapter 2, Misha meets Uri and settles in with him. Uri tells Misha all about the Jackboots and what harm they've done to Warsaw. Misha wants to be just like one of them, but Uri puts him down. Uri started dragging Misha towards his shed for safety from the bombs. Misha is curious to what those are. Uri tells Misha to stay away from them. Since he didn't have a civil name, he kept calling himself "Stopthief" if anybody (Uri) asked. From the bread that Misha stole from that rich lady, Uri took it and split it in half.

Chp. 3

In chapter 3, Uri takes Misha to a stable where all his friends are. Uri's friends wonder why he would spare Misha. Uri claims he's merely a runt and that he's too weak to continue on his own. Uri's friends start insulting Misha. They started calling him a "dirty Jew" and a "cuckoo". Misha doesn't say anything. He just watches them smoke their ciggarettes and talk trash. Uri tells Misha not ot listen to them because what they say is foolish. Also, to not repeat the words they say. Misha listened. They were eating strawberry babka and sausauges. Pieces of food flew everywhere.


Chp. 4

In this chapter, Misha gets a bath for the first time. Uri takes him to the barber shop to get his make-over. Outside, Misha saw that there was a lot of commotion going on. People were marching with shovels in their hands. Misha thought that they were on their way to a farm. Nazi soldiers were roaming the streets, as usual. Uri sees his friend, Kuba. Kuba is running with a vase in the shape of a naked woman. The vase cracked and glass shattered all over. Uri took hold of a car and drove like crazy. Misha claims to have had a good time!

Chp. 5

In Chapter five the army took over Warsaw, Poland. When Misha went outside she saw bombs destroying the city. Most of buildings were destroyed and many people died. The city was horrifying because with many buildings were also on fire. Misha stayed beghind to see what was happening. Uri went out to see what it was about. To keep Misha safe, Uri asked him to stay hidden in the shed.


In this chapter Uri and Misha met a lot of Jackboots. Jackboots were Nazi soldiers. Misha brought Uri over to look at a Jew cleaning the sidewalk with his beard. Although, no one helped the man or knew who he was. Misha just watched and started laughing. He felt guilty about that. Uri told Misha to think about how he would feel if that happended to him. The man was dressed in all black. He took scissors and started cutting his beard. There were pieces of hair all over the sidewalk.

Chp. 7The Dancing Bananas ;)

Chp. 8

In this chapter, Misha returns to the backyard with the big tomato patch and also the one with the staring girl. But there are arrow leading to the little girl witch is named Janina. She is also a Jew. She then asks misha to go to her birthday party but when he arives the next and there is a table full of food and a good looking cake. Then the father takes a lighter and lights all the candles but Misha thout that he was going to put on fire. Misha then takes the cake and runs to uri and tells him everything. Uri started to laugh and he then explain what happens. He then took a scoop of cake and went to Janinas step and took the piece of cake and put a candle and lit it. Then he knocked on the door and ran. Then he went around the city and he saw people with torches at first he thought someone was having a birthday party. He saw a yellow star on the bakery window. They were Jew.

Chp. 9

Misha is now given a name. Uri takes Misha to the farm shed to meet some of his friends. Uri's friends are high from all of the smoke, so they start saying things that don't make any sense. They explain how they believe in bread. Uri's friends started making fun of Misha and his apperance and possinly his past. Misha doesn't say anything, though. Misha decides to go for a bread run. People call his name "Stopthief". He just keeps running with the bread in his hands. He also liked to steal candy.

Chp. 10

Misha decides to go out at night, after Uri specifically told him not to. Misha gets shot in the ear by a Jackboot. He goes back to Uri to tell him. Uri kept muttering "Stupid . . stupid". Misha's face starts bleeding like crazy. Uri tries to wipe to blood of it. Misha starts to panic since he can't find his ear anywhere. Misha got shot because of curfew: No Jews Allowed After Dark. The next day, Uri tied a rope around his neck. People were yelling "Bowow! He's a dog". Uri thought this would teach him a lesson.


Chp. 12

In this chapter, Misha continued to bring black pearls to the orphans of Doctor Korczak to keep them warm. He also continued taking bread and black pearls to Janina. One day, he returned to her house and there was only a huge Jackboot standing in front of him. One morning, Misha awoken and found to see an old man. The man asked if he would like to live with him. Misha declined and went off with Uri. Uri specifically told Misha to act invisible and not look guilty. Uri was very disappointed since Misha drew a lot of attention to himself.

Chp. 13

Uri took Misha to the orphan house. By there, was a merry-go-round. Mish has never seen like this. Uri didn’t let Misha go on the merry-go-around. Misha didn’t understand. Misha had his eye on a black-golden horse. People were screaming that he was a Dirty Jew. At night, Misha runs up to the orphanage to tell Doctor Korczak that the merry-go-round wasn’t being used, so he asked them if they would like to go on. Doctor Korczak takes Misha inside and let him stay over. Uri comes and retreats him in the morning.

Chp. 14

Chp. 15

In this chapter, Misha sees the Jews on their way to the ghetto. Misha thinks they’re going to a parade. People were able to tell Jews apart because they wore with armbands with a blue star. While he watched the parade, he saw a promising site, Janina! She was marching with the parade as well. Misha decided to join in. Misha, though nobody, had any idea to where they were going.

Chp. 16

Uncle Shepsel complained about living in a room the size of a closet. Meanwhile, Misha was small enough to squeeze through small spaces, therefore, he could escape the ghetto between holes in the wall. Misha would go off and tell Uri about everything that happened while he was living in the ghetto. This was a relief for Uri since he didn’t need to worry as much about Misha. Janina gave Misha a butter cream with a hazelnut heart. Janina also tells Misha what her father does. Misha brings food to share with his family back in the ghetto.

Chp. 17

Misha moved back to the stable with Uri, Kuba, Ferdi, Olek, and Big Henryk. They warned about who can possibly live in the ghetto. They mentioned Misha’s type (Gypsy). Although, he keeps visiting the ghetto. Uri and his friends explain how they may be caught sometime in their lives by the Jackboots.

In this chapter, this is the first time Misha sees a dead person lying on the street. He’s surprised since this is the first time he’s ever seen sometime like this.

In this chapter, Misha sees people selling food. Goose and different types of meats are sold in markets. Also, Janina explains “happy” to Misha.

In this chapter, Misha starts to steal food and many other items. Then, Misha looks out the window and hears window shattering and screaming. It happens to be an attack from the Jackboots.

In this chapter, Jon, a close friend, dies. They saw that he still had his shoes on, unlike the rest, Jon had fine shoes. They also introduce what angels and heaven means to Misha. They swung Jon into a cart and “off to heaven he goes”.

In this chapter, all the Jews in the ghetto hear about someone named Himmler. They say that he’s on his way. But as Enos said, Himmler was the Number Two Jackboot. He was also in charge of the ghetto. Janina feels like Misha is always winning, but Mr. Milgrom, Janinas’ father, claims that he thinks that both of them are the best equally.
Chp. 23

In this chapter, Janina can't wait to beat Himmler up when he comes. Misha goes around asking people where himmler is, but no one even looks at him. Once Himmler arrived, Misha claimed that he looked like Uncle Shpesel! As soon as Misha was going introduce himself to Himmler, he sees Buffo, the worst Flop of them all. He like to kill litttle Jewish children. Misha liked to call him names, but Uri told not to, probably since he would kill him.

Chp. 24

In this chapter, the people are still in search for the burning cow. People say there is none, but some still believe there is. Himmler then arrives, but it turns out he's a one-eyed chicken. Misha officially lost all respect for Jackboots. +