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Chapters 1 & 2 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
Chapter 1 begins with a boy running somewhere cluthcing something to his chest. People are calling after him, "Stop! Theif!". Apparently this is a dream that he has sometimes. Then he gets caught by someone else. The person was someone who was trying to grab bread from the lady that the boy had taken. The person says his name is Uri. The boy says his name is Stoptheif. He probably asumed that because people were screaming "Stop! Thief!". They also shared the bread that Stoptheif had stolen.
This is Stop Thief who is speaking in the voki. external image 2622French_bread.jpg

Chapter 3 summary

By Jason Nitti

The chapter begins with Uri taking the boy to all of his other friends in what seems to be a horse stable. Uri and his friends debate whether or not the boy is a Jew or not. You also find out that all of the boys there are Jews. Also, they discuss and conclude that the main character is a gypsy not a Jew. None the less they all become quick friends with the new boy. Lastly, the stableman who owns the stable returns and hollers at the boys there. Because of that, they ended up running away and breaking into a barber shop.

This is Stop Thief who is speaking in the voki.

Chapter 4

By Natalia Bak

This is Uri who is speaking in the voki. :D

Chapter 5
By Siobhan Flynn
So far in this chapter Uri is not letting Stopthief leave the barber shop because bombs are being dropped. Sometimes they would leave the barber shop to go to the stable and sleep with the other guys. They would wrestle over sausages and cheese. One day all the bombing and sirens stopped. Everyone went outside. People started running so Stoptheif followed. Then thousands of drums seemed to rumble the streets. It was the Jackboots. They seem to be nice. But just for now.

By Jason Nitti
Chapter 6 Summary

Chapter Six begins with you learning that the tanks that surrounded the city are gone. Shortly after, Uri and Stoptheif are walking around and join a crowd. Ignoring what Uri says Stoptheif shoves his way to the middle and sees an old man cleaning the sidewalk with his beard. He quickly tells Uri to stop laughing and smacks him. He also explains to Stoptheif not to like jackboots and to not want to be one. This book seems to be getting interesting.

By: Natalia Joanna Bak
Chapter 7 Summary

Chapter 7 starts with Stop Theif saying how food they have in there frigde filled with caviar sandwiches, peaches, brandy, etc. Then he started talking about his favorite candy and how he stole it and looked for it. After that, Uri called Stop Theif to come with him to look for pickels. Uri's favorite food. In particular, Uri was a very picky eater when it came to pickels. He would only eat fresh pickels that are not even a day old. Most people wouldn't even notice Uri stealing with Stop Theif. All of a sudden, Stop Theif slipt away when he saw the Jackboot's. He was talking to them about how he wants to be one and everyting then, he went bakc to Uri. When they came home Uri told his fake identity to him. Stop Theif's new name is Misha Pilsudski. He was a gypsy. His mother told fortunes with her cards and his father traded horses. He had 5 sister and 7 brothers. His favorite horse was Greta. At night his brothers would hoist him up on Greta's night. Then, one day the Jackboot's bombed his family and every one ran away. Then he came to Warsaw, where he learned how to steal and thanks to Uri for taking care for him.
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Chapter 8
By Siobhan Flynn
Misha goes back too the garden withthe girl but there aren't any tomatoes left. This time arrows are pointing to the garden. An arrow pointed to the ground and when Misha dug up that spot there was his favorite candy. The two children start talking and the girl invites Misha to her birthday party. The next day Misha was late to the party. When they brought out the cake and lit the candles Misha grabbed the cake and ran out of the house. He thought that their plan was to burn the cake so he didn't want it to be ruined. He told Uri and he left. He stole a new better cake for their family an left it on the doorstep.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSKUn31qXiW7LeOsLo7Gc-q7kH6O3Man03fV_uvxT5sezXaqZQP&t=1 This is Misha speaking in the voki.

Jason Nitti

Chapter Summary 9

The chapter starts off with Uri and Misha having to run away from the safeness of the barber shop basement because the jackboot upstairs. Because this was during the night Uri took Misha by the hand and led him to where they could both be safe and fall, back to sleep. After that, for many nights Mish and Uri slept in many different places. They were always cold. During the day they still stole and went on pickle runs. Misha stole bread and shouted his name at whoever he stole it from. Little strange.


Natalia Bak

Chapter Summary 10

In chapter 10, Misha would always try to snatch to loaves of bread. One for himself and one for the orphanes. Then, one day a boy snatched Misha's bread and ran. So Misha and him started to fight. After that, Uri came and Misha was bleeding. Uri later said "Stupid...Stupid...". That very same night Misha was snopping but he wasn't very carful because the jackboots shot him. His earlobe was shot off. All of a sudden he started to cry and Uri came. He said to him how stupid he is and that their is a curfew for the Jews. Then Misha started to protest that he is not a Jew but Uri told him if they shot you, you are a Jew.

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The stone angel deals with the book because the angel to Misha is like his role model. Also, in the Ghetto, the himmlers/nazi's were beating up Jews so he said to himself to be as still as an sone angel can.

Chapter 11 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
In the beginning of the chapter Misha tries to negotiate with a shopkeeper so he can steal. Then, he finds out there is no more bread to steal! In the middle of the chapter Misha is introducing a new type of stealing. He waits until stupid little kids leave their doors open to their mansions. Misha would follow them in and ask them where to find the food and run off. In the end of the chapter, Misha goes to the orphanagewith Uri to deliver black pearls to keep them warm. Doctor Korczak gives Misha a bath and has the whole orphanage thank Misha.

Chapter 12 Summary
By Jason Nitti

The chapter begins with the reader learning that Misha is still bringing black pearls and food to the doctor and the orphans. And one day Misha is dropping his daily food off at Janina’s and he notices that his usual gifts weren’t there. The next day, Misha finds a man in the stable and discusses Jews and Gypsies and such. After that, Uri takes Misha on a walk and Uri explains to Misha not to look guilty. While not look guilty, Misha gets scraped by a car and Uri becomes furious .

Chapter 13

Natalia Bak

In chapter 13, Uri and Misha were walking to the orphan house. Then, he noticed a merry go round. So he ran away from Uri to look at the merry go round. When he got there he looked at each horse. All the horses were occupied but one that was his favorite was as black as coal dust. No one was on that horse so he got on. Not long after a girl said he didn't have a ticket and was kicked out. At night he heard the music playing from the miracle go round. Then, on another night he heard the song again. He snucked out because Uri was asleep and went to the place. When he got there the merry go round was indeed moving. So he then, went on the black horse and rode. After that, he went to the orphan house and told Dr.Korczak that the merry go round was moving and he should take the orphans. Instead Dr.Korzak said no and told Misha to sleep here.

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Chapter 14 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
In the beginning of the chapter, the horses are stolen from the merry-go-round. Everyone is extremely angry. The Jackboots will find the Jew that did it. In the middle of the chapter, the Jackboots find a Jew. Not the Jew that actually stole the horses. In the end of the chapter, the Jackboots hang the convicted Jew. Misha also realizes that the merry-go-round made him happy. Thinking about the children on the merry-go-round made him smile.

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Chapter 15

Jason Nitti

The chapter starts off with many of the Jews from the city all walking together. Almost as if they were a giant parade. Their destination was the Ghetto. Because of the curiosity of Misha, he begins to walk with everyone. All of the people seem like they are in despair. Misha speaks to them and he doesn’t receive an answer. He quickly spots the doctor and his orphans. Soon, he found Janina, her parents and uncle. Her father explains to him that everyone won’t talk to him because they are scared of him. He’s not a Jew. Misha is a Gypsy.

Chapter 16

Natalia Bak

In chapter 16, Misha was in the Ghetto living with the Milgroms. He then saw Uri, Kuba, Ferdi, Henryk,etc. He told them how the Milgroms said they live in a closet. When he came home Janina's mother and father were gone. After a long time they came back. He questioned him where they were. Mr. Milgrom said they were working. He was working as a pharmachist and Mrs.Milgrom in a clothing factory.

Chapter 17 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
In the beginning of the chapter, everyone moves into the stable with Uri and Misha. They say that the Jackboots had been figuring out where they were so they had to leave the barbershop. In the middle of the chapter, Misha tells Janina’s family that he moved to the ghetto. Janina also meets Olek, the boy with one arm. In the end of the chapter, Janina meets Jon. Janina and Misha talk about orphans.

Chapter 18

Jason Nitti

This chapter begins with Uri finding Misha and the rest of the boys in the Ghetto. Then, the reader learns that Misha is starting to see less of Uri. When he asking Uri what he has been up to Uri just tells Misha not to ask. As the two of them are walking about, Misha notices a boy on the ground. Not thinking too much he asks why he is sleeping and relying on newspaper to keep him warm. Uri then tells him that the boy is dead. Also, that he probably died from one of the many sicknesses, starvation or getting shot. Nonetheless, the chapter ends with Misha believing that the angels take away the bodies of the dead.

Chapter 19

Natalia Bak

In chapter 19, Misha was sleeping with Ferdi,Kuba, Henryk , etc. They were also, sharing one blanket. It was very freezing for Misha. Then, they started talking about mother. Ferdi says he doesn't believe in mothers but then Misha asked him. "What about those ladies holding children." He replied"Fakes." After that they were talking about oranges and how they taste like. The very next day, he saw people selling food. Someone was saying squirrels for sale. So Misha stole 2. One for himself and one he brought to the Milgroms. When he brought the squirrel back they were disgusted by since it was a rat not a squirrel.

Chapter 20 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
Misha brings his food from smuggling in the beginning of the chapter. Everyone starts eating, even Mrs. Milgrom. In the middle of the chapter, the Milgroms are attacked by the Jackboots. They force them out of their home. In the end of the chapter, the Jackboots inspect everyone. They kill a few people and they pick up the dead.

Chapter 21

Jason Nitti

This chapter starts off with the boys uncovering the body of Jon under the newspapers. Misha could hardly tell that he was even dead. The only true indication was that he no longer moved. Because Jon always had nice shoes, the boys decided to give them to Big Henryk. As he given them, Big Henryk started to stomp around and be foolish. Uri then smacked him. It almost seems as if Uri always has respect for everyone. Then they began to talk about angels. After that a flop (Jews that act like Jackboots) gave everyone a bad look and mooched them. Everyone then ganged up on that one unlucky flop and beat him. No one really notices, as if they have no eyes and ears.

Chapter 22

Natalia Bak

In chapter 22, the season changed. It's no longer winter but spring. So now Misha can not be cold and find more food. Then, he decided he is not a Gypsy anymore but a Jew. He now doesn't have the story of Greta, his sisters and brothers, and the seven wagons. The only two things he kept was the name Misha and the Yellow stone his father gave him. After that, he was talking to the boys about Himmler and the Jackboots. When he came home Janina asked her father who is better Misha or herself. Her father replied that both of them are special in their own way.

Chapter 23 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
In chapter 23 Misha looks for Himmler. he desperately searches for him amongst the crowd. Then he found Buffo, the worst Flop of all. He loved killing Jews with his bare hands. He always chewed mint leaves.

Chapter 24

Jason Nitti

Chapter 24 begins with Dr. Korczak asking Misha to find the mysterious cow that has acted like a myth around the Ghetto. The doctor has usually been happy and solemn. But when he asked Misha to find it, he was stern and serious. This made Misha very exited to find the cow and make him happy again. Soon enough, Janina claimed that she herself herd it. Because she always lies, Misha expected as much. Meanwhile, Janina’s uncle is trying to convert himself to a different religion. Then, Misha tries searching for the cow and fails to find it.This ends the chapter.

Chapter 25 Summary

Natalia Bak

In chapter 25, Misha has noticed strange things about Janina. Once she cries then she laughs. Then, she tells Misha to chase her and if Misha doesn't chase her then she class him Feeshy Meeshy. That very same night Misha went to look for food but he didn't noticed that Janina was following him. When he turned around he told her to go back home. She said no and she said that your my big brother. Misha paused for a second and then slapped her.

Chapter 26 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
In chapter 26 Misha and Janina walk into the city. Then they broke into a hotel for Jackboots. They stole tons of food from there. They even brought extra food for the orphans. Janina didn’t seem pleased that they brought food for them though.

Chapter 27

Jason Nitti

This chapter starts off with Misha finding the boys in their new spot, the ally way. They were doing something unusual. Big Henryk was holding Kuba upside-down and meanwhile Ferdi was hitting him with a bone. As a result many little white things fell out. The things that fell out were lice. Misha quickly took his turn. As he did Janina ran and tried to stop them, for she thought that Misha was being hurt. After that, Janina wanted to go but she was wearing a dress, so Misha took off his pants and gave it to her. Afterward, there was a jackboot and his girlfriend strolling around the Ghetto. They carried a black object which everyone found out wasn’t a gun, but a camera.

Chapter 28

Natalia Bak

In chapter 28, Misha was starring at dead people and the wagon that took people. He thought that people who had no clothes on they would be dead but he was wrong. Now he can tell a person is dead by having newspapers on them or the crow's pecking at them. That very same night Misha snuck out of the house and went to find food but before he even he reached the wall he knew Janina was following him. He didn't want her to follow him so he told her that thy'' ll shoot her. She didn't leave. Misha said they'll hang her and she didn't leave. Then a whistle came and Misha pulled her hair and ran with her.

Chapter 29 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
In chapter 29 Misha and Janina go to see the angel. They talk about angels being inside of people. They talk about where they think angels live. Then later he saw a man making fire I think from his mouth. The next day he went to tell Enos, Ferdi and Olek.

Chapter 30

Jason Nitti

The chapter begins with smugglers being shot for stealing food out of the Wall. Misha show Janina this and thought it would stop her from going with him. The thing that did stop her for awhile was her father. He had told her ‘No’ which meant to stop. So for a little bit she did. Then she began going outside of the wall herself. Her father only expected that everything brought back was from Misha. Then one night Janina was abruptly awoken by some trying to steal her shoes. They thought she was dead. The chapter end off with Janina blowing on a milkweed, sending it into the wind saying it was her angel.

Chapter 31

Natalia Bak

In chapter 31, Misha went into a club were the jackboots hang out because he knew there was food in the cellar but when he walked in he saw someone familiar. It was Uri. Misha then walked up to him and said Hi and more stuff. After Misha was done talking, Uri grabbed him by the throat and said that his name is not Uri anymore, he can't come here, and if he sees him again he'll tell the Nazi's to shoot him.

Chapter 32 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
In chapter 32 Enos and Misha look at Olek’s sign. The next day Misha goes to sing with the orphans. Later Uncle Shepsel asks him why he goes out every night to smuggle. Misha is surprised and unsure how to answer him. When Misha gets back to the house he finds out Mrs. Milgrom has died. During her funeral is when Janina blows away her Milkweed.

Chapter 33

Natalia Bak

In chapter 33, Misha was listening to Uncle Shepsel and Enos. Uncle Shepsel said that the Russians will save us. Enos was laughing really hard but he said that the Germans starved them, crammed them in a ghetto fit just for animals, kill them and now the Russians are going to kill them. After that, Misha saw a Nazi with his girlfriend throwing food to the Jews and laughing so hard. They were so loud that more Nazi's came with their girlfriends and were laughing to except one of the Nazi's girlfriend. Then, new people moved in with the Milgroms. It was really tight in there so Misha and Janina played pick up sticks. That very same night he saw food being thrown over the wall into the ghetto. So him and Janina were collecting the food that thrown but this onl lasted a week. In a couple of days Misha went through the two brick wall opening and stole food. When he came back with the food he couldn't fit through the hole. After a long time of struggling he went through. The next day he told Big Henryk to beat his legs that he would stop growing. Which actually worked. Then, Misha heard a moo sound. He knew the sound was made from a cow. He also, remembered that Dr.Korczak told him to find the cow. When he got to the place where the ow was, the cow was burning because a nazi solider put it on fire withe a flamethrower.

Chapter 34

Jason Nitti

Chapter 24 began with the Jewish holiday Hanukkah. Only this year Misha celebrated it with the Milgroms. Mr. Milgrom also explains what Hanukkah is about and its origin. As a gift for the holiday, he gave Misha and Janina presents. Misha quickly opened his up and found a brush. Because Janina has been moody lately, she decided not to open hers. Misha eventually opens Janina’s for her. He combed her hair for hours then fell asleep. The days after, Misha is out and about outside of the wall. He shouts to city folk that he is a dirty Jew who has escaped from the Ghetto. No one seems to care though.

Chapter 35 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
In the beginning of the chapter Misha sees homeless people signing outside for food. Ofcourse they have no food to spare. There were still bodies lying around everywhere. Janina started acting like she normally did. That meant complaining and following Misha everywhere he went. She would always try to annoy the Flops. Misha tried to stop her from misbehaving but she would never listen.

Chapter 36

Natalia Bak

In chapter 36, he saw Uri again but Uri only told him to get out of the ghetto. Misha asked where to get out. Uri said out of the ghetto and out of Warsaw. Then, Misha asked why. Uri said deportations. Misha asked him to where are they deporting them. Uri said I don't know and you don't want to know. Then, he left but as he left he said to be no one and take his arm band off when he is going to run away. After that, he told the boys what Uri told him. Then, he went to the Milgroms and said what Uri said but they replied what else can they do to us. He also sadi, there will be no train.

Chapter 37
Jason Nitti
This chapter begins with Janina hearing the trains for the first time. Many words flew around the following few days. Trains, Stawki Station, where and why. Street by street, everyone in the ghetto was being put on to the trains and never being seen again. Then all of the boys, everyone Misha knew were being taken away by the trains.

Chapter 38 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
In the beginning of the chapter people are arguing about where they will be taken. Later Mr. Milgrom tells Misha to runaway with Janina when they go smuggling at night. He doesn’t want them to be hurt when they are transferred. He tells them to never return for anything at all. Janina did not want to go.

Chapter 39

Jason Nitti

This chapter starts off with Misha and Janina being trapped in “Heaven” or the world outside of the Ghetto because their usual entrance to the Ghetto was blacked. Being lost and bored the two wondered around Heaven for awhile. Ate their stolen food and slept. Meanwhile there were many Jews boarding the trains at Stawki Station, so to sneak back into the Ghetto, Misha and Janina blended into the crowd and went the opposite direction. Once they got to their house, the found Janina’s father gone along with everyone else except Uncle Shepsel. At the sight of the father being there Janina darted to Stawki Station. Misha then ran after her. He tried to make her out in the crowd. Like finding a needle in a hay stack. Once Misha spotted her, he tried to grab her was she was already in the hands of people being brought into a box car. After making a commotion, trying to save her, Misha is taken out of the line by a familiar red-haired jackboot (Uri). The jackboot or Uri took out his gun and shot Misha. Thus the chapter ends.

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Chapter 41 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
Misha meets a boy by the train tracks. The boy gives him water. He ate wild berries and drank from ditches. Misha started to think of memories. They were mostly ones that he liked but some were not. When he woke a man was standing over him.

Chapter 42

Natalia Bak

In chapter 42, a man had his foot on Misha's chest. He asked him where he was going and Misha said to the ovens with Janina. The man asked him what happed to his ear. He said Uri tried to kill me but he missed. Then, the man asked him to come with him. After that, the mans wife was washing him, giving him food, and new clothes. Misha asked her if her knew who was Janina. She said no. Then, one day Misha was walking on the track to the ovens but the man and his wife told him there is a new law. They said that children must work on the farms then go to the ovens and that's what he did.

Chapter 44 Summary
By Siobhan Flynn
Everything was starting to return back to normal. But Misha decided to go to America. They give him a new name, Jack. Soon he learned how to speak English. No one would hire him for work. Then when he was demonstrating a product he told stories of his past. He says very weird and random things but people listened. He makes a friend with a girl named Vivian. One day they get married but only for 5 months. She was probably pregnant but she was fed up with Jack. Then one day his daughter found him in a grocery store.

Chapter 45

Natalia Bak

In chapter 35 Jack(Misha) was looking at his granddaughter pretending to do a hand stand. He them had a memory when he first met his granddaughter and daughter . He was stacking cans while someone said Mr.Milgrom. He turned around and saw a lady she introduced herself and she said her name , Katherine and that she is his child. He was surprised a little bit but he said he didn't know. She then showed her four year old daughter Wendy. She said that she saved something for him. She said it was her daughters middle name. Without hesitation he said Janina.Then she told him to come live with them which he did and quited his job. When he ended his memory Wendy was doing a pretend hand stand. Then, ran into her grandfathers lap and told him to rock in the chair. He was then thinking all the names he was called Jew, Gypsy, Misha, Stopthief, One eared Jack, Stupid all the names. Then, that little girl in his lap had silenced all the other names. "I am Poppynoddle."