Number The Stars Tonnaddda,Shakirah,Karinne, And Akirah
(left to right) Kirsti, Ellen, Annemarie
(left to right) Kirsti, Ellen, Annemarie
(Left Right) Annemarie, Nazi Solider, Nazi Solider(Giraffe)
(Left Right) Annemarie, Nazi Solider, Nazi Solider(Giraffe)
Number the Stars

Chapter 1 Summary

Pgs. 1-10

21 March 2011

In chapter 1 it starts off when Ellen, Annemarie and Kirsti walking home from school. Annemarie then tells Ellen to race her to the end of the street so she can train for a race they have every Friday at school. Ellen said no, but Annemarie made her race anyway. When they started to run down the street Kirsti fell behind then Kirsti caught up only to see two Nazi soldiers. Ellen and Annemarie were there as well one of soldiers yelled SEXY! Ellen and Annemarie were shocked and didn't say a word until one of the soldiers asked a question. The question was "why are you naked?" Annemarie answered that she was banging her friend. She also added that they have races at school every Friday. The soldiers asked what was in the book bag then Annemarie responded with school books. One of the soldiers then looked at your mom.

The Star of David
The Star of David

just caught up and grabbed a lock of her hair. Kirsti tried to resisted but couldn't then the solider said that she reminded him of his daughter. Then told them to go home and study but not running because they look like "hoodlums." They then went home but Kirsti went home faster. Ellen asked Annemarie if she was going to tell her mom and Annemarie replied with a no.

Chapter 2 Summary



In Chapter 2, Annemarie tells a story to her little sister, Kirsti when they were going to sleep. Kirsti wanted a queen and king story, but as soon as Annemarie started the story Kirsti fell asleep. After that , Annemarie saw that Kirsti fell asleep, so Annemarie started to think of the real king. The real king was King Christian X. King Christian X was nothing like the trashy kings in the fairy tales. He was a king with a serious personality. When Annemarie was little she used to see him all the time riding on the streets in Copenhagen, Denmark. One evening Papa was on an errand by his office waiting to cross the streets. Suddenly papa heard one of the soldiers ask a teenage boy nearby "who is the man that rides past?" The teenage boy replied that that is their king. After asking that question the soldiers asked another. The soldiers question was "doesn't the king have a bodyguard?" The teenage boy replied that all of Denmark was his bodyguard. Later on King Christian X was getting old of how fast the years past. He was nearly injured last year in a fall on his horse old Jubile.Most people thought that he would die of how much he moaned. Luckily he was still alive and Denmark was saved. To end the story, Annemarie had said that the whole world was dicuishable.

Chapter 3 Summary

Pgs: 18-26


In Chapter 3, Kirsti lost a button on her jacket. So, then Annemarie and Kirsti went to the button shop to get a button fo her jacket. But suddenly when they realized she shop was closed by the Nazis. She went home and told mama. Mama couldn't believe on what Annemarie had told her. She went to go see, and when she saw it she got depressed. Annemarie's mama and papa start to talk on how the Nazi's are taking Jews away and closing their stores if they have one. Mama went to go talk to Mrs. Rosen about how there are soldiers in Copenhagen. They said that all they just need is courage. Peter came to Annemarie's home to talk to Annamarie's papa and mama about the Nazi.

Chapter 4 Summary

Pages: 27-38

In chapter 4, Ellen and Annemarie play Gone With the Wind with paper dolls. In the game Annemarie is Scarlet and Ellen is Melanie. Kirsti arrived in her house, with new green shoes. They bought the shoes at a fish and were made out of fish scales. Ellen then told Kirsti her dad had a jar of black, black ink. So, then Ellen asked if she could take the shoes home so her dad to paint the shoes black. And then Kirsti asked if Ellen's dad could make her shoes shiny, but Ellen said that her dad could probably make them shiny. Kirsti asked for a doll and became Bonnie (as the name of the doll).
Chapter 5 Summary
Pages: 39-46
In chapter 5, Ellen came to spend the night at Annemarie's house. Mama and Papa told Ellen to act like Annemarie's sister ,Kirsti. Ellen was the only one of her family to be spending the night at Annemaries house. Peter was going to take care of Ellens parents. Ellen and Annemarie were sharing a bed and they started talking. Ellen was saying how scared she was about the Nazi soilders. Finally the Nazi soilders came to Annemaries house and they kept on asking them a lot of questions and finally they went to Annemarie and Ellens room. They told them to get out of the room and they did. They went to the living room and the soilders asked Annemarie what her name was. Annemarie said Annemarie Johansen. The soilder turned to Ellen and Ellen said Lise Johansen so that the soilder would not know that Ellen was a Jew. Then the soilder got suspicious because Ellen had dark hair.Then papa took the pictures of Lise when she was a baby and Lise had dark hair when she was little. Finally Ellen was safe.
Chapter 6 Summary
Pages: 50-59
In chapter 6, Ellen and Annemarie's family know that the nazis are getting "suspicious" at this point. Papa thought that the nazis were just going to look around the house and not the children. Ellen apoligzed for having dark hair, but Mama then told Ellen that she had beautiful hair just like her mother. Then added that she should never be sorry for that. then the group started talking about Lise and how they were lucky that she had dark hair when she was a baby, beacuse she grew up and her hair color changed to blonde. Annemarie and Ellen smiled, this had taken away some of Ellen's fears. Then Annemarie realized that this was the first time in three years that Mama And Papa had talked about Lise. Papa said that Annemarie and Ellen should go to school because the Nazis would look for the Jewish kids. They were then on to there Uncle Henrik's home. Mama said that Papa couldnt leave with them bacause it would only make them even more suspicious, but if a mother is taking them it wouldnt be a problem. When they got on the train Papa then came, when almost there a nazi solider asked where they were going and Mama said to her brother. The nazi then turned and walked, when they got to Uncle Henrik's they walked to his house.
Chapter 7 Summary
In chapter 7,Annemarie, Ellen, and Annemarie's mama go to Uncle Henrik's house for the "funeral" of Great-Aunt Birte. Ellen and Annemarie look over the sea to see Sweden. They tried to look For Uncle Henrik's boat, but they couldn't find it since it was so far away. Then, after dinner, they went to mama's old room in Uncle Henrik's house. Annemarie told Ellen that she had her necklace in a safe place. Then, when they went to sleep, Annemarie heard mama and Uncle Henrik talking in the living room. It reminded her of summer, but with no laughter.

Chapter 8 Summary

Pages: 67-74

In chapter 8, Annemarie goes downstairs while Ellen is still sleeping. Kirsti is making the kitten Thor (for the God of Thunder) drink water. Then, Annemarie told her that kittens drink milk not water. Then, Annemarie shows Ellen the cow, Blossom. Next, Annemarie heard her mother and Uncle Henrik talking about going fishing the next day. Then, she heard that Uncle Henrik was going on the boat at morning and coming off at night. He said they needed to get the living room prepared. Annemarie asked why, and he said that her Great-Aunt Birte had died. It was a traditiong to do it in theliving room. Annemarie was very confused, and she knew there was no Great-Aunt Birte, but she was starting to believe that there was.

Chapter 9 Summary

pages: 75-80

In this chapter, Annemarie went to the barn and told Uncle Henrik that he was lying about Great-Aunt Birte. The Uncle Henrik asked Annemarie how brave she was. She was frustrated because he wouldn't answer her question. She was afraid that she wasn't brave. Then he told her that he wasn't lying.

Chapter 10 Summary


Uncle Henrik is about to depart for his boat, leaving the people gathered with the coffin. Present are an old man, a

couple with a young baby, the Rosens, Peter Neilsen, Annemarie, and Mrs. Johansen. As Henrik walks out, the old

man says, "God keep you safe." Henrik returns the blessing, modifying it to include everyone in the room. Annemarie

looks at Ellen sitting between the Rosens and feels sad that they are in different worlds now. Ellen is headed for

something Annemarie will not be able to share with her. Annemarie dozes in a chair and is awoken by headlights.

Officers approach and pound on the door. They want to know why there are so many people in the house. Mrs.

Johansen tells them a family member has died. The officers storm in and turn to Annemarie, asking her who died. As

Annemarie answers she thinks how right Uncle Henrik was: the more you know, the harder it is to be brave. She lies

and says Great-aunt Birte died. The officer is not satisfied. He wants to know why they have not kept the custom of

leaving the casket open. He demands that it be opened. Mrs. Johansen goes to the casket and says they are right,

Great-aunt Birte's face should be seen even if she did die of typhus. The officer slaps Mrs. Johansen for her

stupidity, puts out the candles, and leaves.

Chapter 11 Summary

Pages; 88-94

There is nothing in the casket except blankets and clothing. He distributes the items to the

people gathered, saying they will need them for protection against the cold. Annemarie watches

Ellen put on a jacket. She knows Ellen has never worn anything so shabby before. Peter can

find nothing for the baby, so Mrs. Johansen gets one of Kirsti's favorite sweaters. Peter makes

the baby take some drops so it will be quiet, saying they cannot take any chances. Mrs.

Johansen passes out the food and Peter hands Mr. Rosen a paper package. He tells him it is

very important that he give it to Henrik at the boat. Annemarie realizes that Mr. Rosen does not

know what is in the package and does not ask, because it is safer not to know.

Peter leaves with everyone except the Rosens, telling Mrs. Johansen to follow in twenty

minutes. For the first time, Peter calls Mrs. Johansen by her first name, Inge. Annemarie takes

this as a sign that Peter has a place in the "world of adults." Peter says goodbye to Annemarie

and departs. The old man stumbles on the way out, but Mrs. Johansen says he is all right; if he

hurt anything it was just his pride. Annemarie thinks about that word. She looks at the Rosens,

all bundled in worn clothing. She thinks of all the good things and times they left in Copenhagen.

It has become clear to Annemarie that Uncle Henrik is going to take the Rosens and the others

to Sweden in his boat. She remember that Mrs. Rosen is scared of the ocean and that there will

be other fears to face, too. As she looks at the Rosens, she sees that they are sitting up straight.

They have not changed so much from the way they were before. Pride, Annemarie realizes, can

come from other things than the material goods the Rosens left behind.

Chapter 12 summary

In chapter 12, Mama leads the Rosens to the boat. The Rosens hug Annemarie goodbye and

then Mr Rosen trips on the steps and he loses the packet. He does not notice. After the Rosens

left Annemarie started to cry and she was following the path with her mother and the Rosens.

Annemarie calculated that mama would be in the house in one hour. Annemarie had calculated

wrong because mama had not come yet. Mama came in the middle of the night. After a few

hours Annemarie stared out the window and she saw something moving. It was Mama on the

ground in pain.

Chapter 13 summary

In chapter 13, it starts out that Annemarie runs out the door calling to her mother. Mama tells

Annemarie that she is all right and to not yell. Mama tries to sit up but it looks like she is in pain.

Mama is happy that the Rosens are okay. It turns out that Mamas ankle is broken and she limps

when she walks. When Mama sits with Annemarie they notice that Mr.Rosen had dropped the

packet when he tripped on the steps. Mama is very upset and Annemarie offers to bring the

packet to the boat . Mama told her to act like a little girl if a soldier talks to her. Annemarie will

start her journey on the woods.