Chelsea, Lindsay, Richard, Lauren
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Chapters 1, 2, and 3

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by Jerry Spinelli
entry by Lindsay

In chapter four, Uri came back with a mattress for stopthief. then Uri takes Stoptheif to a place that looks like it has bombed. they walk down stars stoping at every pipe. One of the pipes gives off a constint flow of water. Uri scrubes stoptheif untill he is very clean and dressed in new cloths. Uri gave stopthief a hair cut. Uri and stopthief grab on to a streetcart. a women came and clolsed the window on their fingers. when every one gets off Uri and stopthief drive the streetcar in to a building.

chapter 5
entry by Lauren (nine sentences)(;

By chapter five, people have started dropping bombs from planes in Warsaw. They are blowing up buildings and killing innocent people. Sometimes "stoptheif" and Uri were the only ones in the city. "Stoptheif" once saw people running. So he ran. Eventually, he reached empty space and something hit his ear. He looked up, and saw a Jackboot. Then, the tanks came. "Stoptheif" threw his cheese.

chapter 6
entry by Ricardo

In chapter six, Uri and "Stopthief" come across a man in black with two Jackboots standing over him. The man was scrubbing the sidewalk with his own beard. The Jackboots were laughing as they watched him. Once the man was finished his beard was cut off. Stopthief said bring him a barbershop to the two soldiers. Uri snatched Stopthief and said some german words to the two. Later he said to Uri that he wanted to be a Jackboot. Uri said no, you will never be one. Last, Stopthief realizes that that man was a Jew.

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Between these two entries, you need to know that Stopthief was given a history from Uri. His new name was Misha Pilsudski. He was born a gypsy somewhere in the land of Russia. He had two great- grandfathers and one great-great- grandmother whom was 109 years old. His mother told fortunes with cards. His favorite horse speckled mare called Greta. Every night one of his brothers hoisted him onto Greta's back. He would pretend to ride. He had seven brothers and five sisters. He wasn't the youngest but he was the smallest. Gypsies belonged everywhere so they came to Warsaw, Poland. His father traded many horses. Then, they were bombed by a Nazi's airplane. He stayed with his mother and father. One night, his mother and father got kidnapped by farmers who hated Gypsies. Greata and Misha were slaves for the farmers. Greta ran away by breaking out of her stall. The next day, Misha ran away as well to look for her. He came to the city of Warsaw where he learned to steal food to keep from starving.

Chapters 7, 8, and 9

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chapter 10.

this is Misha. please ignore the way he looks. sorry :(

Chapter 11
By Lauren Fisher

In these chapters, Misha looks around for bread bags to snatch from people. He waited at his usual spots and didn't find a single bag. He started walking into people's homes to take their food. He once walked in on a family and took their large bird in the middle of the table. Uri tied Misha to his own wrist so Misha couldn't deliver food to Janina during the day. When the bread started to go, so did the trees as people ran out of coal and cut trees down for firewood. Uri brought black pearls to Doctor Korczak to keep the orphans warm. When Misha went to Doctor Korczak's, he discovered that his skin had become black while looking for black pearls or coal. He tells Doctor Korczak that he believes in angels and that Uri believes in bread.

Chapter 12
By Lauren Fisher

Misha brought black pearls to Janina's one day and a man answered. He was very mean to Misha, so Misha was mean back. he slammed down the bag of coal down on the man's foot and ran. One morning Misha found a strange man in one of their stalls at the stable. Misha offered him some bratwurst and the man nodded yes. When Misha came back with the bratwurst, the man was gone.

Chapter 13
By Lauren Fisher

Misha and Uri went out into town. Uri told him not to look like he has something to hide, look straight ahead, look like he knows where he's going, and don't look guilty.
Misha practived not looking guilty in a mirror scrap as they walked down the street. He then ran into the street drawing attention to himself and he got hit by an automobile. Uri pushed, punched, kicked and yelled at Misha for doing what he did. "His hair was redder than ever". He was very angry. Misha then knew he would never disobey Uri again. Misha found horses. Blue and red horses. With gold and flowers. He was amazed. Uri told him it was a merry-go-round. Misha started heading for a horse but Uri grabbed him and said "No".

Chapter 14
By Richard Chachowski

In chapter 14, Misha and the rest of the citizens that went on the merry go round discovered that his favorite horse was missing. The citizens imediately started blaming the Jews. Then they started looking for the Jew. They finally found a Jew of who they thought did it and brought them to their form of justice. They tied him on a rope and brought a long black hose with them. Once the man was sprayed he started to turn blue. It is believed that he froze to death.

Chapter 15
By Richard Chachowski

In chapter 15, all the Jews were being put in the ghetto. The ghetto is reserved land with houses, a huge wall, and Jackboots. Once Misha saw the Jews coming, pulling wagons and carts, he thought it was a silent parade. He joined the parade and talked to people who did not talk back. He did not know why. Finally, he was reunited with Janina and her family. Janinas father said they would not talk to him because they were afraid because he wasn't a Jew. Then, they arrived in the ghetto village.

Chapter 26
By Lindsay
Janina comes through the hole and realizes that the city is still there. Misha pulled the armband off of Janina and himself. They took to the sidewalks and Misha walked fast, as if to lose Janina. She picked up the pace to keep up with him. Misha walked with other pedestrians and made them veer around him. Uri had said not to call attention to yourself, be invisible. Misha ignored these commands.

Misha and Janina went to the blue camel. Misha went in the revolving door and went around once. Janina did the same, but kept going until Misha grabbed her and pulled her away. Misha went into the small window that leads into the basement, Janina came in head first after him, and Misha pulled out a small sack. Misha makes his rounds and starts grabbing the lighter, smaller stuff.

Misha grabs his own treat and eats his peaches. Janina wants one and when Misha refuses, Janina yells “I am hun-greee!!” Misha grabs a peach shoves it in her mouth and crouches with her by the jar. The hear footsteps and someone says “hello?” Finally the footsteps go away.

Misha and Janina leave and make their way back to the ghetto. When they get in, Misha goes to the orphanage. Gives some food to them and starts home. Janina asks why he gave his food away. “I give my food to whoever I want.” Misha replies.

Chapter 27
By Lindsay
Misha goes to visit the boys behind a fire gutted butcher shop. As he gets closer he hears a whack followed by cheers. As he turns the corner he sees Big Henryk holding Kuba by his ankles. Ferdi was walloping Kuba’s behind. Ferdi saw Misha and stops.
“Misha! Come on. Knock out your lice.” Ferdi calls. Every time Ferdi hit Kuba, a tiny blizzard like salt came down from Kuba’s head. Kuba tells Misha that it is his turn. Big Henryk picks him up and Kuba starts hitting him. Soon Misha hears a voice yelling…

“Stop it! Stop it!” Janina had followed Misha. Misha gave Janina his pants so she could get a beating. When she was done she would not give back the pants. Misha chased her and everyone was cracking up. Suddenly the laughter stopped. Two couples were standing there. The men were Jackboots, (It was Sunday and the Jackboots had off.) with their girlfriends. One of the jackboots held a camera. He was taking pictures of Janina while she was dancing. The couples were laughing and smiling. When Janina touched one of the lady’s skirt, everyone fell silent. Then the jackboot gave the camera to the girl and stood with me and Janina. After the picture, the people went away.

Chapter #28
By Lindsay
The only birds that come to the ghetto are crows. They don’t sing, but they squawk at each other as if to say… “Over here! I found one!” or “Stay away! This is mine!!” They had plenty to eat. They ate all the dead people that were lying down on the side walk covered by newspaper.
The wagons came in the morning for the bodies. There were a few horses left to pull it, but the jackboots took them away too, so the men were the horses. When the wagon came to a body it stopped, picked it up, threw it in the wagon and continued.
Janina followed Misha all around. She followed him threw the wall with a sack of her own. They stole from the Blue Camel Hotel and the nice homes of Warsaw. One of the kitchens was special because they always found pickled herring in that kitchen. They also always turned on the light.
One night when they were sampling herring a little boy came in with his pajamas on and asked us what we were doing. Janina said hello, then the little boy curled his fist and asked them if they were Jews. “Jews, Ha-ha! No we aren’t Jews. Do you want some herring?” Janina asked. For the next hour they talked and ate pickled herring.
When we got back we were in the middle of a line up. A man was yelling, saying that he knew people were stealing food from the other side. They went in line and Mr. Milgrom squeezed Janina’s ear. Mr. Milgrom told them to stop smuggling. I tried to stop janina, but it didn’t work.

Chapter 29
With Richard Chachowski

In chapter 29, Misha and Janina are chased to the brick wall and dove through the hole in it. Despite Janina’s wishes they did not smuggle. Instead they went to the merry go round. Once they returned, the two a flamethrower pointed at the sewer. In the morning, Misha ran to the ruins of the butcher shop to see if everyone was okay. They were. Then Misha told them how beautiful the flame was.

Chaper 30
Richard Chachowski

In chapter 30, Misha and Janina were walking down the street when they saw something. They saw a group of flops, Jackboots, and boys. The boys were against the wall and pile of onions infront of them. The Jackboots told everyone this would happen when you smuggle. Then the boys were beaten with clubs. Once at home, Misha told Janina’s father that Janina was smuggling. The father said one word, no. The next day, Janina was baiting Buffo and Misha saved her. The next day, Janina and Misha fell asleep in an alley way and found milkweed. Janina said that’s my angel.

Chapter 31
Richard Chachowski

In chapter 31, Misha found Uri in the Blue Cammel Laundry Mat. Uri said never come back and threw him out. Once out, Misha found Janina staring at something in the air. It was a body haniging with a sign attached. The body had one arm and Misha realized it was Olek.

Chapter 32
Lauren Fisher

In chapter 32, The morning after Janina and Misha had found Olek, Enos told Misha what Olek's sign read. It read "I was a smuggler." Misha told the boys that he had seen Uri. No one looked up or said anything. The next day, Misha saw the orphans learning a song and Doctor Korczak told him to join in.

When Misha was walking around, Uncle Shepsel yelled to him. Uncle Shepsel said that is was a beautiful day. To Misha, it was still gray. When Misha returned home, Mrs. Milgrom was dead. The undertaker came over and took her away. When they got to the graveyard, bombs started exploding. Everyone ran and Janina and Misha hid in the hold dug for Mrs. Milgrom's grave.

Chapter 33
Lauren Fisher

When the bombing stopped, they returned to their home and found Uncle Shepsel yelling: "It's the Russians! We're saved!" there were also new people in their home. Mr. Milgrom gave them the mattress they had. When Misha went back to the butcher shop, he found Enos laughing about the bombing. No one laughed but him.

One night, as Misha was heading through the two-brick hole, food started flying over the wall. This went on for a while, but then it suddenly stopped and Misha and Janina were on their own again.

Another night, Misha couldn't fit back through the hole. So, he took off his coat and pants and finally fit through the hole. He then went to the boys the next day and told Big Henryk to beat him. That was when he heard the cow. The "moo." They looked around and eventually found a flaming, firey cow. It ran around and then flipped over a rail, sailed through the air and landed. Then it was mobbed.

external image lightning-cow.jpg
This is a cow that had once been on fire.

Chapter 34
Lauren Fisher

In chapter 34, Misha finds out he finally gets to celebrate Hanukkah with the Milgroms. Mr. Milgrom explains to Misha what 'happy' is on the first day. It turns out, that happy is inside of you with your angel. Misha realizes that Janina doesn't have happy. Mr. Milgrom gave Misha and Janina presents. Misha's was a comb. He combed and combed his hair in the candlelight and all the lice fell to the ground. Not until the next day did Misha realize that Janina hadn't opened her gift. He opened it to reveal a comb just like his. He started combing through her hair. She did not smile, nor did she stop him.

The next night, the the candle holder had been stolen. So, Misha volunteered to be the Menorah. He also got to sing his song that Doctor Korczak had taught him.

The next night, they all felt how warm their hearts were. So they, together, were the Menorah.

Then one night, Misha remembered that Janina loved pickled eggs. So he went out to look for a pickle and an egg. Misha thought this would make her very happy.

When Misha finally found an egg, he had found pickles too, he started to head back to the two-brick hole, but the Nazis started to chase him, so he hid. After they were gone, Misha went home, but when he got past the wall, he realized that he had forgotten to take off his armband and that is why the Nazis were chasing him. Now, as Misha was running home, he tripped, dropped the egg and it cracked. Once he got home, he asked Mr. Milgrom if it was a miracle, but it was only because it was a hard-boiled egg.

That night, Misha gave the egg to Janina. He was right, it made her very happy. As he lied down to rest, he felt a comb, combing is hair.


Chapters 41, 42, and 43..?

Chapter 44
Lauren Fisher

For Misha, everything was almost normal. He's used to stolen bread and ditch water, but now, he steals things, and then he sells them for money. He was also very cheap. Misha used to not talk a lot, now, you cannot make him quiet.

One day, Misha bought a steamship ticket to America. An officer told him that his name is Jack, and he became Jack Milgrom. He also learned taht in America, he was considered a salesman.

Jack tried to get hired to sell things, but no one would because of his height, accent, and his missing ear. Finally someone gave him a chance to sell a vegetable chopper. People started to ask him about his ear but he didn't say anything. At the end of the day, he said something about the cow. Everyone looked at him like he was crazy. He told them everything else, except for Janina. Jack hadn't sold a single item, so he was fired.

One day, on a corner, Jack met his wife, Vivian. She stopped to listen and brought him roasted chestnuts. On one afternoon, after they had spent a lot of time together, she blurted out that she would marry him. and Jack though "did I ask?"

After five months, Vivian had had enough of Jack's siliness. She left him. Before she did, he asked if she was pregnant, but she said "good-bye" and walked out the door.

Day after day, Jack rambled on, and finally a seventy looking year old lady told him that it was over. He never again went to a street corner and talked. When his daughter found him at last, he was stacking shelves in a market.

Chapter 45
Lauren Fisher

Jack was stacking soup cans when his daughter, Katherine, found him. She told him that the little girl in front of her, is his granddaughter, Wendy. She told him that he could give Wendy her middle name. Jack immediately said "Janina." then Katherine offered him his own room and bathroom back at their house. He dropped his apron and they took him home.

Wendy Janina tries to get better at her headstand, but she just can't get it right. She looks about to cry when she falls and Jack wants to be the grandfather who stops her tears. She comes up into his lap, but doesn't cry. Jack wants to stay there in that position for a while, but they go outside and he watches her swing.

One day Jack asked Katherine to drive around until he told her to stop and pull over. He got out and dug up a Milkweed plant. He planted it back home. He knew that his daughter knew everything he told Vivian. Everything but Janina. Katherine once asked Jack if he would ever tell her why he named Wendy 'Wendy Janina.' He told her "someday."

Jack says that there had been many people that told him who he was, but this is the last voice to tell him who he is. That's Wendy, because he is now and always will be, Poppynoodle.