Number The Stars

Being read by Ela, Ilene Janelle and Kerrigan

This is the book cover
This is the book cover

This is a picture of 2 little girls chasing eachother in the streets, which reminds us of chapter 1 in Number the Stars.

These are German soldiers (Nazis) just like the ones that stopped Annemarie, Ellen and Kirsti in the streets.
These are German soldiers (Nazis) just like the ones that stopped Annemarie, Ellen and Kirsti in the streets.

Chapter 1 Summary:

In chapter 1, Ellen and Annemarie were racing around in the streets, leaving Annemarie's little sister behind. They were soon stopped by 2 guards. The 2 guards soon started asking questions and were asking why they were running around like a bunch of rascals. One of the guards also touched Kirsti's hair and Kirsti freaked out and yelled at him. She was very brave because the guard could have easily hurt her. Annemarie didn't want Kirsti telling their mom, but Kirsti beat her home and told her mom everything. Her mom was very worried and started questioning Annemarie what happened. Annemarie explained that nothing bad happend. She said Kirsti was imagining things and adding in false details. Kirsti was also dreaming about her big yellow cupcakes that they didn't have in town anymore.

Wordle: Awesome Numberung The Stars

Chapter 2 summary:
Kirsti begged her big sister AnneMarie to tell her a fairy tale as they layed in bed. Kirsti then told her sister AnneMarie that she wantd to hear a story of a queen and a king. AnneMarie then made up a story of a queen and king as they layed in bed on a dark September day. AnneMarie then remembered a story her father once told her as she continued with her story. In her father's story there was a German Soldier watching the king ride away on his horse. Then, the soldier was looking for the king's guard. He was suprised to find out that there was no guard around. A man near the soldier said that all of Denmark was his bodyguard. King Christian X was known to be pretty old and he was injured from the last fall off his horse. On the other hand, Lise, Annemarie's sister died in an accident 2 weeks before her wedding.
This queen and king describe the story Annemarie told Kirsti before bed.

Chapter 3 summary:
Annemarie and Ellen were walking home together like they always do. But now they take the longer way. They walked the longer way because they didn't want to run into the solider and his partner. Kirsti was left behind.The mothers always had cofffe together in the afternoon. They also knit mittens as they had there coffee. Annemarie and Kirsti were lucky to have eachother in the cold winter. But Ellen doesnt have any sisters. But she has her grandma and grandpa and her parents to be with. When Kirsti was a baby,she wouldnt sleep in her crib.She would sleep in between her parents. But Annemarie shared a bed with Lise before her death.Then Kirsti's button on her jacket broke so annemarie had to take Kristi to the button shop after school.

These 2 siblings have to share a bed, just like Kirsti and Annemarie do in the winter.
These 2 siblings have to share a bed, just like Kirsti and Annemarie do in the winter.

This jacket is missing a button, just like Kirsti's jacket.

Chapter 4 summary:
Annemarie and Ellen were playing at Annemarie’s house. They were playing with paper dolls that were cut out of Annemarie’s mother’s magazines. The girls have given them the names from Annemarie’s mom favorite book “Gone with the Wind”. The door opened and Kirsti walked in. She was mad because of the shoes she was wearing. Her mother bought her those shoes because she had out grown her other shoes. She didn’t like them because she thought they were made of fish. She also didn’t like them because of the color that was an ordinary color green. Ellen said that she would get her dad to paint them black if her mom would be okay with it. But then Ellen and Annemarie started playing again. But Kirsti wanted to play too. Therefore, Annemarie gave Kirsti a doll to play with and they started playing. Then Ellen didn’t want to play anymore. She is Jewish so she had to celebrate Jewish New Year with her family.

Chapter 5 Summary: 

This Is a slide show with two pictures describing two scenes in Number The Stars :)

Chapter 7 Summary By Kerrigan:Annemarie, her mom, Kristi and Ellen all made it to uncle Henrik’s house. The red roof farm house was very old but it was beautiful. Nearby a gnarled tree was still speckled with a few apples. Mama and Kristi went into the house but Annamarie and Ellen stayed out. Ellen and Annemarie was by the shore.Ellen had never been near the sea.Ellen's mom was afraid of the ocean.Ellen's mother said that it was too cold and too big.The girls looked up and saw Sweden.Annamarie thought that there could be two girls saying thats Denmark.

Chapter 9 Summary:Annemarie went to the barn were Uncle Henrik.Uncle Henrik was sitting down milking the cow (blossom).Uncle Henrik didnt say a word to annemarie when she got there.Annemarie screamed uncle Henriks name.She thought that Uncle Henrik and mama lied to her.Uncle Henrik ignored her and contined to milk the cow.He looked at her with a questioning look.Uncle Henrik asked annemarie if she was angry.Annemarie had said that mama had never lied to annemarie and annemarie never pictured mama lieing to her before.Uncle Henrik knelt so that his face would be even with annemaris face.Behind Uncle Henrik blossom took a huge bite of the hay that was on the ground and ate it with his large rough tounge.
Chapter 10 Summary:
Everyone is now at uncle Henrik’s place. The bearded man, the couple, their child, Annemarie, Mama, the Rosens, and Peter are all there.Uncle Henrik had to go to the dock. One of them said to Henrik’s “God keep us safe.” When he left they knew it was time to open the coffin. Inside there was clothing. They gave a piece of clothing to everyone.

Chapter 11 summary:

Chapter 12 summary:

Chapter 13 Summary:

In this chapter Annemarie found that her mother had not come home yet. She saw her mother outside lying on the ground. So she speeds down the stairs and through the kitchen door. She was yelling for her mother. Her mother said that she was alright. She said that everyone got there safely. She said that she ran so fast to get back to the kids that she forgot about the roots in the ground. Annamarie found something on the ground. Mama knew what it was. Uncle Henrik was suppose to get that.
Chapter 14: In chapter 14, Annemarie was walking in the woods to deliver the small paper wrapped package to her Uncle Henrik. As she was walking through the cold woods, she was thinking about the story Red Riding Hood. She remembered how she used to tell it to her sister. Kirsti used to ask a lot of questions about the story. Some included why she was called Little Red Riding Hood and why not Little Red Cloak. Then, Annemarie heard a noise. She didn't worry too much because it was probably just a squirrel or rabbit. The path Annemarie took was twisty and curvy. There were a lot of roots that she could trip on, just like her mother did. The path was dark and she couldn't really see. There were overgrown bushes and trees. Then, she thought of her mother and her extremely swollen ankle. She also thought of when she was a little girl and she would take this path to her uncle's boat. Finally, Annemarie heard a growl. She saw the four armed soldiers with their dog

Chapter 15:

In chapter 15, Annemarie was on her way to her uncle's boat when she ran into soldiers. She started to act like a foolish little girl and she said, "Good morning" to the soldiers. The soldiers were curious why the little girl was up so early. Annemarie explained her uncle forgot his lunch and that she was delivering it. The soldier then took a loaf of bread from the basket and gave it to his dogs. Annemarie begged the soldiers to let her go deliver her uncle's lunch. Then, one of the soldiers found the package and opened it. It was just a handkerchief. Then, finally, Annemarie left and made itto her uncle's boat. Uncle Henrik thanked her and said everything was all right because of her.

Chapter 16:
In this chapter, Uncle Henrik, Annemarie, Kirsti and Mrs. Johansen are all talking about what happened a couple hours ago. Annemarie returned home and found a note from the doctor that said he took her mother to the hospital for her ankle. In the barn, Blossom stood uncomfortably and needing to be milked. Since no one was around, Annemarie did it. Uncle Henrik was surprised Blossom didn't kick her. Kirsti still had no idea about the Rosens. Mrs. Johansen told her that Ellen's parents came to pick her up. Then, Annemarie and her uncle went into the barn. They talked about how Annemarie didn't see the Rosens on her uncle's boat last night. He told her that they were there. They were hiding under the floor boards. The Rosens had to be extremely quiet. He also explained about the handkerchief and how if one of the dogs sniffed it, they would ruin their sense of smell. The soldiers and their dogs did in fact stop uncle Henrik's boat. A few minutes after they left, the Rosens were safe in Sweden. Uncle Henrik assured Annemarie that Ellen would return when the war ended.

Chapter 17: In this chapter the war had ended. Annemarie would know because her uncle (Henrik) told her. It have been years since the war has started. Annemarie was twelve now. The Danish flag was raised. Then people stood in the street singing the national anthem of Denmark. She stood at her balcony seeing all the flags and banners hanging in almost every window. Even Kristi was growing up .No longer a lighthearted chatterbox. Annemarie found out some most horrible new she could hear. Peter was shot for helping Jewish people escape. In the letter he sent the Johansens from prison, he wanted to be buried next to Lise, but the Nazis buried him right where he was shot. His grave was only marked by a number. The Johansens went to the numbered graves and laid flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Johansen then explained that Lise was a part of the Resistance too and she was run over by a Nazi car. Then, they went home and Annemarie asked her father to fix Ellen's necklace. He agreed and Annemarie said she would wear it herself, until Ellen and her family returned home.

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Wordle: numberthestars